Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Welcome to The Pig Blog.
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Richard Hoyle


Gail said...

We are looking forward to your questions, comments, and good old fashioned conversation with like-minded folks. Please feel free to post!

Gail Austin
President, Board of Directors
The Pig Preserve Association
PO Box 555
Jamestown, TN 38556

Karol Johnston said...

Your website looks fabulous and from my conversations with Richard & Gail your organization sounds "first class". Thank God for you and your kindness to our special pig friends.

Rich said...

Thanks, Carol.

I am going to update the website shortly and will publish some photos and stories of some newly rescued pigs. Look for it in a week or so.

We continue to look for donors and grants to help us continue to build and operate The Preserve. We are also on a quest to find some additional dedicated members for the board of directors.


Amy said...

Hello! I am anxiously awaiting news and pictures of the wonderful Phil. I know his transition was difficult and it has been very hard for me, too. I just wanted the best for Phil and pray that I made the best decision for him. I really want to do right by him and was struggling over my decision when I heard he was having a tough time. I am hoping that he has settled in and that the warmer weather is helping as well. Again, I can't think you enough for all that you do and especially for the love and care of Phil. Amy Johnston

Laftrsings said...

Thank you so much for your kindness and showing Bruno and I around your Pig Preserve last weekend! What an awesome place for piggies! ..pure heaven in fact. Let me know if you ever need any help on your website. I'd like to help in some way..

Scouts Bff said...

How is Lucky getting along?